About Us

Reggae Jam Jam Meal Delivery Service is a catering service that specialises in preparing and delivering to your door bespoke ready meals for Senior Citizens, independent living people and the rest of the family. All our products are primarily for everyone who enjoys Jamaican cuisine.

We consider our client's health; focusing on healthy ingredients, conscious preparation and cooking methods. We reduce the salt and sugar in our food but assure you we do not sacrifice flavour.

We want to look after our seniors, allowing them to keep their independence and eat the food that they love. We deliver freshly cooked meals which are Frozen with our specialised blast freezer which allows our ready-to-eat meals to stay fresh longer.

All food handling will be done by qualified personnel with the relevant food hygiene and health and safety certification. Personnel with supervisory food hygiene certification will manage all food preparation and packaging processes. Our chef and cooks have years of experience in preparing healthy Jamaican meals.

We also cater to those who enjoy Jamaican cuisine and appreciate authentic country-style cooking. It is important for all Reggae Jam Jam meals to deliver that authentic Jamaican traditional taste and flavour.